Many Nigerians have asked if there were parties from the southern and northern Protectorate that partook in the declaration of Nigeria, or did the British on their own sign the document in the absence of the people involved?

Southern and Northern Protectorate were joined to form Nigeria in 1914. By then the nationalist we know of now were still little to know what happened. Nnamdi Azikiwe was only 10 years old, Ahmadu Bello was 4 years, Awolowo was 5 years then. Which Nigerian signed the Amalgamation document?

There were only 28 individuals involved in the forceful Amalgamation of the South and the North Protectorate. Out of the 28, only 6 were Nigerians. The rest were all British citizens. Lord lugard the first governor general led the Amalgamation (he was one the one to propose it first) and the final signature was his.

The six Nigerians are;

1.HRH Maiturare Sarkin Mussulumi and Sultan of Sokoto

2. Usuman Dan Maje who later became Emir of Kano

3. Sir Kitoyi Ajasa a lawyer

4. HRH Oladugbolu Alaafin of Oyo

5. HRH R Henshaw (Obong of Calabar)

6. Abubakar Shehu of Borno.

From the above, that there was no Igbo traditional ruler involved. Not even the Eze Chima of Onitsha, Eze Nri òbalíke ete those days. This is because the igbos fiercely resisted the British Indirect treachery in the late 19th century.

Lagos colony was also against the amalgamation as at then.

The British were more comfortable to deal with Fulani/northerners during the amalgamation.

The location of the amalgamation was was in Zungeru, Niger State. That was the Capital of the British Protectorate of Northern Nigeria from 1902 until 1916 AND THE EDICT EXPIRES IN 2014. IT is in the document that after 100 years, each party can re-evaluate and determine if they want to continue together or go there separate way.

After 100years, we are still importing toothpicks, going abroad for medical checkup, our lucrative cash crops has gone to is no more, unemployment rate for our graduates is becoming alarming. Is this this amalgamation a mistake or not? 

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