Sad story of how Lotto lout Michael Carroll blew nearly £9.7m on drugs and hookers, holidays and cars.

Michael Carroll (born 29 March 1983 in Swaffham , Norfolk) is an English winner of the UK National Lottery.

Michael Carroll's mother worked in a canning factory and his father was a Royal Air Force engineer. When Carroll was 18 months old, his father was jailed in a military prison for 11 years for stabbing a couple after getting into a fight at a dance. His parents separated when he was seven years old; his father died from a heart attack when Carroll was 10. He had several stepfathers, one of whom would lock him in his room for hours after hitting him. Carroll stated he was dyslexic, had ADHD , and was barely literate by the time he finished secondary school.

When Carroll was 13, he received a custodial sentence for shoplifting and was sent to the Hollesley Bay Prison in Suffolk where he learned to read and write.

He was working has a binman in Norfolk when he won the Lottery at the age of 19 in 2002 after buying a £1 ticket. At the time of his win, Carroll did not have a bank account, and tried opening one at Coutts as recommended by the lottery company. Coutts refused his application, which Carroll later ascribed to his criminal record.

Soon after winning his fortune, Carroll stated he would not be tempted into spending his money lavishly and only wanted to buy a three-bedroom house near a lake, where he could go fishing and invested up to a million pounds of his winnings via Rangers Financial Management, from whom the football club receive a share of profits on the financial services they sell.

When he won the jackpot he immediately gave £4million away. Gave a million to his mum, his aunt and his uncle, his ex-wife Sandra and his ex-wife's mum.

He was then left with £5.7million, which he also used to buy his eight-bedroom £390,000 Norfolk mansion.

The rest of the money, however, funded an extreme celebrity lifestyle and spends his winnings on drugs, booze and hookers and would go on extravagant holidays to the Costa del Sol. 

He confessed that cocaine habit saw him "sniff away" three houses including his mansion.

Carroll's depraved behaviour saw him appear in court more than 30 times, often arriving in flash cars and downing cans of beer. 

Within three years of his win, Mickey was left with just one million pounds in his bank account by 2005 and as the money dwindled, the “friends’” and hangers-on began to drift away.

The drinking and the brothels put an end to his short marriage to Sandra, who was seven months pregnant with their daughter. Michael has made no secret of his womanising, and claims to have bedded some 4,000 women.

By 2012 his money had gone and he’d been barred from every pub for miles around.

He moved to Scotland for a fresh start and is now single, rents a £500-a-month, two-bed house and walks to work/bums lifts.

By February 2013, he was declared bankrupt and found himself back on Jobseeker’s Allowance.

At his lowest point he moved into a hotel for homeless down-and-outs for three months while he struggled to find work due to his reputation.

He then worked at the Walkers biscuit factory in Aberlour, before getting a licence to work in an abattoir.

Now a coal miner, he works seven days a week and lives in a modest rented flat. 

Carroll occasional plays the lottery and said if he won again, 'he'd be down the yard at six every morning just to keep out of trouble', but said he has no regrets about the way in which he spent his winnings. 

This story is indeed a sad one, let's learn to utilize what we have well so we won't end like this.