Laycon and Neo had a hearty conversation after the Head of House challenge yesterday evening. Neo advised Laycon on so many things regarding his feelings for Erica. 

Recall that Erica won the Head of House challenge on Monday and just before she made her choice of deputy known to Big Brother, she went to Laycon and expressed how she always felt safe with him. To his dismay, she still went ahead and picked Kiddwaya as her deputy.

Reacting to the situation, Neo called Laycon and explained everything to him. He advised him to always hang around people that would make him feel better because she had already made her decision. 

Neo said to Laycon; 
Access the situation from Sunday to now. She had made her decision already.

I want you to be focused, this is a game. You are a people’s person and you can always talk to me.

Never be alone, always hang around people, especially those that like you.

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