Tuesday 4th of August 2020 would forever remain evergreen in the minds of the citizens of Lebanon. The whole country was thrown into mourning after a huge explosion occurred during the day claiming hundreds of lives and causing various degrees of injuries to thousands of people.

It has been revealed that the huge explosion in Beruit, Lebanon was caused by a welder at work. Reports had it that a highly explosive chemical comfirmed to be "Ammonium Nitrate" was located close to where the welder was working. 

The chemicals were said to have been confiscated by the Lebanese authorities and placed in one of the warehouses close to the harbour. The quantity of the Ammonium Nitrate was confirmed to be more than 2750 tons and has been stored for over 6 years in the warehouse
Security personnels in the country believe that the welder sparked the initial fire that ignited the chemicals and hence resulting to the explosion. Experts say that the gravity of the explosion can be equated with a nuclear bomb. The blast sent seismic shock waves through the city which resulted in killing people who were even hundreds of kilometers away from the initial explosion site. 

Casualties recorded as at the time of this report has risen to over 100 deaths and over 4,000 people who sustained various injuries. Many are feared dead especially those trapped under the rubble and even in their homes. The chemical "Ammonium Nitrate" is commonly known as a fertilizer but can also be linked to terrorist attacks after being used in the manufacture of homemade bombs. 

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim said the chemicals had been confiscated years earlier, reportedly from a ship and also those who were responsible for not monitoring the state of chemicals would be severely punished. 

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