A Nigerian has been caught at the Franz Liszt airport in Hungary for allegedly trying to smuggle in almost 1kg of heroine and cocaine in his body. 

The tax and customs office (NAV)  stated that the Nigerian citizen was traveling from Madrid and decided to enter Hungary through the green corridor.

On Friday, a search was conducted on the Nigerian man's luggages and clothes by the Excise officers but no illegal substance was found among his possessions.

A suspicious behavior gave him in and a CT scan was ordered for the man. He was later asked to go though the CT scanner and that was when a wholesome quantity of 50 packages of drugs were found in his stomach 
The authorities confirmed it was discovered that the man tried to smuggle over 66 grams of heroin and over 810 grams of cocaine.

The Excise officers proceeded to report him to the airport police on suspicion of drug possession and he was detained subsequently.