BBNaija lockdown housemate, Terseer Waya also known as Kiddwaya is the son of a billionaire from Benue state. He made an insensitive comment yesterday evening while taking to Erica and some of the housemates took offense. 

This morning after their workout session, Kiddwaya addressed all the housemates and apologized by saying that she comments he made were "quite insensitive" but he never meant to attack on anybody. 

His instagram page handler posted the video of him apologizing and captioned it below; 

If I did something wrong, communicate
If I hurt your feelings, make me aware.
If I didn’t listen well enough tell me again in a way I’ll understand.
If I’m insensitive to your needs, to your desires, or your thoughts, tell me so I can consider them.

But do not hold an attitude with me because you haven’t clearly expressed yourself.
I’m human, not a mind reader.

WayaDemGeng our President has shown us that he’s indeed a true leader he called the housemates this morning and apologized for what happened yesterday. It was not his intention to say those words exactly as they were misinterpreted.
Moving forward he apologized and told them the major focus should be on their wager

The trending hashtag for today is #KiddwayaTrueLeader


Watch video below; 

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