A kerosene explosion has snatched the lives of four family members in Ikot Ekpo community, Calabar, Cross River State on Monday, August 24. The father, the two children and an in-law identified as Mathias were all victims of the accident. The father identified as Esuabana Thomas was aged 45 while his two children, Esua and Edet were aged 14 and 12 respectively.

As reported by PunchNG, the kerosene was being poured in an already lit lantern and as soon as it was poured, it exploded. It was suspected that the kerosene might have been adulterated. 

The landlord of the house who wasn't living with them, revealed that he got the call around 10pm that a fire accident has occurred at his place. On getting there, some of the tenants have put off the fire but three people already died inside and one person died on the way to the hospital.

The landlord said;

I got a call around 10pm that there was a fire incident in my house, so I rushed down there. By the time I got there, the neighbours had succeeded in putting out the fire. But they did not know that people had been burnt inside becauseIt was after the fire was extinguished that we discovered three persons inside who were already dead. Another victim, who was also fatally burnt, was rushed to hospital, but he gave up the ghost on the way and his dead body was brought back. The only survivor among the children is the daughter. I met her in a church close to my compound, very frightened.

She told me that the mum asked the elder brother to refuel the lantern, but the boy refused and went inside. After some minutes, the mum decided to send her to refuel the lantern; as soon as she poured the kerosene into the already lit but dim lantern, there was an explosion. She said she threw the lantern away and ran out. She said the mother was outside to urinate when the explosion occurred.

A relative of the deceased identified as Samuel Inyang also narrated his own side of the and according to him, the incident is still a mystery. 

He was quoted as saying; 
It happened in the kitchen. The four persons who died were in the room, but we cannot explain why they could not run out through the door. How can kerosene explode like a bomb? It is a mystery that the door was open, but our brother, his children and in-law could not escape.

He alleged that the kerosene might have been adulterated and he pleaded with the government to look into issue of illegal bunkering. The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Irene Ugbo has since confirmed the incident and began investigations.