Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica has been the talk of the town for the past few days ever since her fellow housemate, Laycon expressed his feelings for her. According to her, she can't date him because she's attracted to Laycon mentally and attracted to Kiddwaya physically. 

While discussing with Tolanibaj she shared some of her relationship issues with her. She admitted that she was indeed obsessed with Kiddwaya but there was actually nothing serious going on between them except just mere physical feelings and attraction. 

Tolanibaj then informed Erica that Laycon isn't happy with her decision and she replied saying that even if there was no Kiddwaya she still wouldn't have considered Laycon. 

Erica then revealed to Tolanibaj that being in the Big Brother's house is actually helping her to recover from a heartbreak she suffered before she came into the house. She added that she wasn't looking for any long term relationship in the house but however, Tolanibaj advised her to "test both waters" i.e Laycon and Kiddwaya because according to her, "men are unpredictable. 

Regarding Tolanibaj's advice, Erica didn't reply to it but it's possible that she might be thinking about it. 

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