In a fierce head of house challenge on Monday, Ozo wins the challenge while clinching the highest score which was 30. Effortlessly, he breezed the entire maze and succeeded in winning the title. 

Nengi could have been a huge contender as she finished with 24 points which was 6 points behind Ozo. Despite the fact that Ozo scored the highest point and automatically won the title, Big Brother still permitted the rest housemates to try and luck but none could meet Ozo's mark. 

Unfortunately, Laycon couldn't play because he had an injury on his arm. Ozo has since been given 20 mins to select a deputy.

When his 20 mins elapsed, Big brother called him to the diary room and he revealed that he would pick Dorathy as his deputy then Nengi and Erica as his second and third choice respectively. 

It should be recalled that Nengi and Lucy won the head of house challenge for the first and second week respectively.