Big Brother Naija lockdown housemates held their usual Head of House challenge today and Kiddwaya emerged the winner for the fifth week. It should be recalled that Kiddwaya was the deputy Head of House last week while his love interest, Erica was the HOH. 

The game is obviously one that involves luck and Kiddwaya happens to be blessed with it this evening as he clinched the highest score (25).

While Big Brother congratulated Kiddwaya, he referred to him as someone who will upgraded to "top dog" I.e , from deputy to the head. 

His fellow housemates congratulated him for his win. Kiddwaya still has exclusive access to the HOH lounge and also immunity for the week. He was given 20 mins to decide on who his deputy is going to be excluding Erica who was the Head of House last week. 

Big Brother also introduced a new rule which gives the HOH and the deputy the liberty to bring one housemate each as a guest to the exclusive lounge but they won't be allowed to sleep there. 

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