A distraught Nigerian man has taken to the streets of Twitter to seek for advise after he found that his partner uses fetish means to gain love and monetary support from him. 

Young Man Seeks Advice After Finding Out His Girlfriend Uses Fetish Oil On Him (Screenshots)

The man shared his plight with a twitter user saying that he had his suspicions about it but he wasn't really sure until he read the chat between his partner and the person that sells the fetish items to her. 

The astonishing part of the whole situation is the fact that he claims that he is still in love with his partner despite the fact that he found out about her diabolical activities towards him. 

Here are screenshots of the chat between the man and his twitter friend that shared the story. 

The plight of the young man has since caused lots of controversies and a lot of people are with the notion that the "Jazz" the lady used on him was actually strong since he claims that he is still in love with her despite everything she did.