Nothing less than 39 Nigerians who are victims of human trafficking have been rescued from the captivity of two Nigerian suspects; Paul Okafor and Duru Favour by the police in the Central Region of Ghana.

Official statement from the Central Region Police Command reads;

“On July 12, 2020, upon information received from an informant, the Winneba District Police Commander dispatched a Police Patrol team to Gomoa Pomadze where they met 3 Ghanaians in the company of a 21-year-old Nigerian, Charles Ikorohk.
Charles told the team that he arrived into the country from Nigeria to visit a friend but couldn’t trace him and got stranded.”

The Central Regional Police Spokesperson, DSP Irene Oppong reveled that Charles told the team that he met a man named Uzo at the Kwame Nkrumah junction who later took him to meet another Nigerian man identified as Arisuezo. Arisuezo kept him alongside other Nigerians in a securely locked room while subjecting them to torture and other forms of inhumane activities including engaging them in cybercrime.

He however found it possible to escape on the 12th of July 2020 when he was asked to clean the compound and his superiors have gone out with a victim to withdraw some cash that were also received through fraudulent means. 

The DSP went further to reveal that the victims were actually brought in from the Nigeria with some given targets to reach. Failure to reach those targets means that they would be treated inhumanely. 

She further added that one of the suspects earlier identified as Michael Arisuezo is currently on the run and any information leading to his arrest would be much appreciated. 

The Regional Police Command further explained that a total of 36 laptops have been retrieved from the house while the owner of the house is currently on police enquiry bail. 
The 39 victims have since been handed over to the Central Regional Anti Human Trafficking and are kept at a safe center.

Just recently, motorcycle thieves were apprehended in Oyo state by the NCSDC command. A total fof 6 handsets were recovered from them.