BBNaija 2020 housemates ,Nengi and Ozo finally had the long awaited conversation that everyone had been wanting to see. The duo had their discussion while blushing and smiling to themselves.
After clarifying his issue with Dorathy, he approached Nengi and ensued a conversation between them. He always referred to Nengi as he spec so it wasn't a suprise that he was grinning and blushing all trough the conversation.

The most anticipated couple were seen talking about their new relationship and their feelings for each other. While analysing their relationship, Nengi made a subtle joke about not wanting any relationship in the hosue except for Ozo. Ozo went further to let her know that people actually think they are in a relationship but they are obviously not into one yet.

As expected, both were caught blushing and smiling at themselves which might actually be a sign that the ship is ready to sail. Ozo later asked Nengi why she's always shy to talk to him but she replied that she doesn't feel comfortable discussing feelings with someone who has feelings for her.
Read their conversation 
 Ozo - “Who told you I like you? it’s fancy first then a progression to like”

Nengi -  (Blushing) “I don’t understand big english”

Ozo: “when we see tomorrow , it’s gonna be different” 

Nengi: “how?”

Ozo: “you won’t need to think about what’s on my mind (feelings)”

Nengi: “we’ll see”

They finally hugged and said goodnight to themselves.
See photos below;

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