A Nigerian man has unfortunately lost a good job in Lekki after he used a word of endearment on his employer. According to controversial blogger Kemi Olunoyo, he was supposed to earn N200k per month if he got the job. 

In the story she shared, the employer was actually her brother and when the man got to the office for the interview, be called the employer "uncle" and that was how he lost it.

She further admonished people to stop stop addressing anyone with titles that they are comfortable with. 

In her words she said; 
“A man lost a N200K per month job at my brother’s company in Lekki. He was the best qualified candidate. He lost the opportunity simply because he called my brother “Uncle” during the interview. Stop addressing people with titles you feel comfortable with. RESPECT
Man Loses N200K Job After Calling His Employer "Uncle"