Child birth would forever be an evergreen experience for every woman. Some come with challenges while some have experiencea that they can't really fathom themselves.

This is the case of a South African lady who shared her experience of child birth on twitter. According to her, she found out that she was pregnant, the day she gave birth to her child. 

The lady identified as Lelethu Ndlungwane shared that her mother had to call their pastor when the pains started that faithful day. The pastor later invited them to her house so that they can start intensive prayers. They were praying all-night and all of a sudden it felt like something was about to come out of her vagina. 

The pastor thought it was a demon but as soon as her water broke, they rushed her to the hospital with the placenta for her to be given solid treatment. She shared her story while posting the picture of her child. 

She wrote; 

“Found out I was pregnant the day I gave birth. My son was named Smangaliso, because wow us’mangazile nyani!! “My mom and I were spring cleaning on this day when I suddenly experienced what started off as subtle pains. I thought I was about to start my period but the pain intensified!
“My mom then called the pastor because the situation was getting dire. I went as far as asking my sister to play Sedilaka by the Soil because I thought I was exiting “Then the pastor said we should come to her house so that they could pray for me. We got to the house, and it turned into a night of prayer struuuu.
Demons were being cast out left, right and center. I am crying to the point where the tears weren’t coming out anymore. “Now it was around 1 am and I felt something wanting to come out my vagina. The pastor then told me to go to the toilet. Her words were “we’re going to deal with this demon today.”
“When we got to the toilet she called, I’ll call her Khosi, who was in the worship team, who wait for it….is a mid-wife by profession! “When she came in and saw the mucous sac protruding, she immediately confirmed that I was indeed in labour.
“Anyway Khosi asked for a razor and cut the mucous sac and asked me to push. Once she got Mangi out, I’m pretty sure I passed out in disbelief and trauma “My mom ran out the house when Mangi started crying. She was convinced that Mangi was is’lwane.
Anyway fast forward, we rushed to the hospital, placenta in a plastic bag, blood everywhere and baby in towel. The nurses were gobsmacked of course. “Mangi, once we had arrived at the hospital and they had given him a wash. I believe the things he had on were given by the hospital neh.”

This is indeed wonderful and mysterious. Congrats to the mother.