A Nigerian lady identified as Ikpe Kachie has taken to the micro blogging site, Twitter to share her experiences with her ex-boyfriend. According to her, she barely escaped being used for money rituals by her boyfriend.

She recounted the time she met him,  referring to him as a a man that portrayed his religious faith to be strong. According to her, she felt that she had seen her life partner because of the way he prayed no knowing that it was all a facade. 

Twitter user to escaped being used for money rituals

The cat was let out of the bag when she found a pair of slides in his shoe rack and while checking it out, she saw something strange. 

Read what she said; 
I was in his house one fateful day, he just did shopping that day, so he called me to come see things he got , as the proper girlfriend that I am I said I was going to steal some things home even if he doesn’t agree , went to his wardrobe to look for stuffs to steal Condoms fell from one of his clothes , as I bent down to pick it up , I saw one fine slides he got , brought it out from the shoe rack below the wardrobe, low and behold , people of GOD I saw a calabash wrapped with red cloth , I shouted blood of Jesus immediately.I was lost in thoughts , no wonder he was always traveling up and down , today he’s in Benin , tomorrow he’s in Osun , next tomorrow he’s in Ife , ask him what he’s going there for , he will say he’s going for something , baba came out from the bathroom and fear gripped me
Immediately he saw me with the slides , he shouted at me that what am I looking for in his shoe rack , and why I screamed blood of Jesus , told him I hit my leg on something , he noticed my mood changed, kept on asking why I was moodyTold him it’s because I found condoms in his cloth , omo , e no reach 1 hour , told baba I was going home , next day he called me that he has a suprise for me, that it’s a special treat , maybe the baba don tell am say as I see the calabash , I go die , GOD forbid.
I told my sister about it first , told my Mum later on , come and see deliverance momsie did on my head ,that’s how I ran for my life o , imagine I had told him I saw the calabash , imagine I was close to being used , different thoughts ran through my mind.
Ladies please , not all that glitter is gold , you never know what these guys are capable of doing , imagine I was secretive and I keep things from my mum , imagine if that condom didn’t fall from his pocket , I pray we all learn from this.

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