Yesterday, the BBnaija reunion show took a different turn as it was nothing but "cruise" and fun all the way. A lot of things were discussed ranging from the Saturday parties to how the housemates felt after they were evicted. Ebuka the host also organized a game session where the housemates displayed their comic and intelligent side. 
In this episode, Jackye also revealed why she always sat down during the Saturday parties instead of dancing. Let's check out the highlights below.

Saturday Nights 
Here most of the housemates revealed that the first few Saturday night parties they had were boring but thanks to Mercy and Tuoyo who constantly brought positive energy and vibes to the parties. They went further to talk about the people "who weren't fun at parties" and as expected, Jackye's name came up. 
Jackye revealed that the reason why she always sat down was because she couldn't trust anyone due to the fear of being assaulted since that what was she experienced the last time she went to a club without her boyfriend. 

Mercy also revealed that she was always setting her on screen lover, Ike up by hanging around Tuoyo at the parties so Ike could come get her.
The games session
Ebuka organized two types of games yesterday and they were really fun to watch. In the first game, the housemates were asked to pick a paper which was bearing a type of party and describe it. Failure to describe correctly would mean that the guy would perform 20 push-ups with one hand or chew the paper while the girls would pull off their wigs or have a wonderful paper snack-hilarious right?.

Ike performed 10 push-ups,  Kim removed her wig while Mercy preferred the paper snack. In the second game, the housemates were asked to mimic a particular activity in the house while the other housemates would guess what it was. 
Life after getting evicted 
The session had Kim Oprah, Joe and Isilomo at the spotlight. Isilomo explained that she was trying to suppress the nervousness and that was why she pulled off her wig. Kim Oprah revealed that she was hurt after getting evicted because she never believed she would leave the house so early. 
Kim Oprah Bbnaija

Kim also revealed that she continued watching the show after getting evicted while Isilomo couldn't wait for the season to be over as she thought it was too long. 

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