BBnaija reunion show has been ongoing for a while and as such many of the housemates have taken the opportunity to resolve their conflicts and state their opinions about their relationships. The most recent episode which was aired on the 8th of July 2020 showed a lot of drama that ensued between some of the housemates including Frodd and Esther.

The two love birds in the house -Esther and Frodd, were given the opportunity to settle their misunderstanding. It all started when Esther said that their relationship couldn't work because Frodd never asked her out. According to Frodd, that statement hurt him a lot because he has done nothing but love Esther even to a fault. 

Frodd went further to say that rather than say that he never asked her out, she could have said that they couldn't go on with their relationship because she was going through a phase. Frodd insisted that she lied because she even talked to him after they left the house and created an impression that they were still together. 

According to Frodd, they had several outings together and sweet moments that made people think that they were together so there was really no need to come out officially. He also went further to reveal that he planned a vacation for both of them in another country but it felt like he went alone because she wasn't reciprocating the energy. 

At some point he realized that the relationship wasn't working out despite the effort he put in. It was at that point he told Esther that the relationship had to end. 
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