Four Okada operators have been injured during the weekend in a clash with suspected thugs in Abia state. The fight was said to have ensued as a result of the collection of daily levies and ownership of loading units at Zion by East street and Obohia Nkwa Ngwa areas in Aba, Abia State.

It was gathered that the clash started when the suspected thugs claiming to own the loading units started levying the okada riders and those who were not complying, started getting assaulted. 

Some of the operators were trying to resist the thugs but in the process of the clash, four okada operators sustained different injuries. 

In an interview with the Vanguard News team, some of the okada operators complained of the thugs imposing illegal fees on them as they are made to pay N600 for registration and N500 for road rehalibitation.

The operators who were already dismayed at the turn out of events, urged the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW to intervene on their behalf because it's even difficult for them to get daily returns. 

One of the Okada operators, Michael Jacob, narrated to Vanguard saying;

 Some people came to our loading pits, claiming that they are the owners and leaders of the pits and that we must start paying a daily levy to them. They told us that the Ministry of Transport created the loading units for them.
They charge N600 for registration and N500 daily for road maintenance. How can okada operators be charged N600 for registration and another N500 which they said is for road rehabilitation?
We also pay another N100 for the national union. They are non-okada operators, they don’t own motorcycles. They started assaulting our members because we refuse to accept such imposition of leaders and levy on okada operators. NURTW should intervene before they kill our members.

The state chairman for NURTW, Chief Eugene Eze Job was contacted and he accused the Commissioner of Transport, Chief Ekele Nwaohanmuo of the creation of okada units, collection of illegal levies and the imposement of non-okada operators as union leaders 

The Commissioner for Transport reportedly denied the allegations stating that the NURTW chairman has refused to obey regulations giiding the transport industry in the state. 

In his words;
The state NURTW chairman, Eugene Eze Job doesn’t want other unions to operate. He is the one causing the problems.
He is the chairman of NURTW; he is the chairman of SATOA; now they have floated another one, Motor Transport Union of Nigeria.
They applied to the Ministry of Transport but I refused to approve it, and he asked them to come and register in the NURTW.
The NURTW chairman wants every motor operator to be under his union. How can a Keke or motorcycle union go to NURTW to register? Eugene Eze Job wants to take over all the motor unions. 
He doesn’t want other unions to do business. I have never collected money to create a loading unit for any operator.collection of daily levy and ownership of loading units at Zion by East street and Obohia Nkwa Ngwa areas in Aba, Abia State.