A Nigerian man identified as Abbakar Zayn on twitter has taken to his platform to share some words of advice about contentment and humiltity.

According to him,  you have to be contented and humble because no matter how rich you are, there is someone out there that's richer than you. Using Davido as an example, he claimed that Davido's net worth is Mayweather's wristwatch

He also went further to say that Mayweather's networth is actually the cost of Roman Abamovich's Yatch.

In his words he said; 

"Davido’s net worth of $18m & Mayweather’s wristwatch cost $18m. Mayweather’s net worth is $560m & Roman Abramovich’s yatch has a net value of $700m
Roman’s net worth is $13 billion, meanwhile Jeff Bezos’s wife got $36b from her divorce. In life, just be humble and contented”