Nigerian actress and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Venita Akpofure has revealed that she does not regret her decision to file a divorce. She said that when she got married and had a baby, she lost her identity in the process of keeping her home and everything together.

Venita Akpofure

She further revealed that she wasn't working at all but stayed at home to take care of her kids. Venita also noted that the switch from a new bride to a mom was really challenging for her and she was in that space for about 5-7 years. 

It was when her children started going to the toilet themselves that she realised that she needed to start doing something for herself instead of staying at home.

In her words she said; 
When you become a new mum, it is very easy to lose your identity in the name of trying to build her home and keep it together. I really did a full 360, I wasn’t working in front of the lens. I was really domesticated. The switch was quite extreme and I was in that space for a long time between 5 to 7 years or so. It wasn’t making me happy. it wasn’t fulfilling for me it wasn’t healthy for me.
It got to a point where my kids were going to the toilet on their own and I’m like, I need to find something to do. What happened to me? I needed to find myself apart from all other bunch of things that might make you want to file for divorce. It’s not an easy decision to make to decide that this is not good for you but it takes a very strong mind to do that so I was very determined and I don’t regret it at all.