The News Agency of Nigeria had earlier reported that the train services were shut down so as to curb the spread of Corona virus. 

According to the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, there have been pressure from several sections of the public to ensure that the railway service in the country becomes operational before Sallah.  It was on this note that he said; 
We will resume the Abuja-Kaduna train service on Wednesday, July 29

On the issue of transport fare, the minister stated that after due considerations, the President decided to review the cost so as to accommodate the citizens. 

He said that the fare for the economy class would be N3,000 while the business class would be reviewed to 6,000. He also added that some Nigerians don't actually bother much about the price because it was nothing compared to risk of being kidnapped using road transportation.

He also went further to assure passengers that strict measures are in place to curb the spread of the virus and also to reduce the risk of contacting it. The Managing Director, Nigeria Railway Corporation(NRC), Fidet Okhiria, confirmed that the corporation is ready to resume on Wednesday. He said; 

We are ready, it is just a matter of calling the essential staff in the station, we have been checking the coaches and warming the locomotives, so we are ready to go

The Managing Director added that the frequency of trips would be increased to 14 against the usual eight.

However, he revealed that only eight trips would be embarked on Wednesday due to the introduction of 10 new coaches, 2 locomotives and the essential Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU).

He added saying;

“So the DMU are still on their way from Lagos to Abuja and we have to adjust, don’t forget the ticket for the DMU is not the same as the ordinary coaches so we have to adjust and have those tickets.
“The E-ticket have been approved but it will take time of up to three months for it to come to the door steps.
“While we are doing that, the best move is to be giving out the hard copy of the ticket before the e-ticket starts“The fare is not going to be so different from the former, though it will depend on the pleasure that you want.
“For trips that will take off from Kaduna straight to Abuja non-stop, it will be higher than those that will stop at the five stations.There are different coaches now coming in, some will take 24 passengers , some 56, others 68 and 88 depending on the pleasure that you want
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